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  1. I would say stick with the 50 gal capacity tank. Make sure it has a timer on it so that you can shut it down when you’re not using it. We found that we have saved considerably shutting it down during the time we sleep etc. It recovers in less than 30 min. Make sure it energy efficient. Are you going to install it? +1Was this answer helpful?

  2. Bravo. Nobody I know has ever gone to Slavonice – I’ve had blank looks every time I’ve mentioned it.Liked the brunch at Besidka, but for dinner we preferred Appetito.Also, was Cafe La Petite Mort (right next to the church) open? Was closed when we were there at Easter, and I hope it hasn’t shut down for good.

  3. Thanks again for the awesome Black Cat you did for me. You went that extra mile on it and I LOVE it! It was really nice to meet you and thanks for letting us have some fun with our friend Andy. Your a sport!

  4. Wow! You guys are lucky. I don’t think my school does this, but I am going to check now, for sure. I have started a small business selling that I would like to grow a bunch when I graduate. I never realized how important SEO was to businesses. You got some good info here.Thank you, Don!

  5. Allow the videos to be sorted by view count please… the new format will only allow those who pay the most to get their video pushed to the top of the search results.Support democracy!

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