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  1. CONGRATS!!!! While I will miss the Bitch of the East stories, the fact that it makes your day to day a nicer place makes me glad she ritered.Now – what about dealing with Court Clerks – that might make one go crazy :)

  2. doesn’t bear any costs. Taxpayer does. Government doesn’t also face the conadseadquences for not mainadtainading curadrency value. Inflation is mostly sponadsored by end rereivecs of creadated fiat money: noradmal workaders on salary. In fact inflaadtion can be used to sponadsor govadernadment. And the only reaadson why only govadernadment issues curadrency is usage of coercion. What do you mean by “my conadcept of ultiadmate owner ofa0money”?When it comes to state manaddate, what I really want to say is that it is founded on tyranny of majoradity over minoradity. And whether you like it or not is also founded on coercion.

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