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  1. What a wonderful evoutlion for Daniel as he’s accomplished so many things over the past five years and is heading off to accomplish so many new and exciting things as well. I’ll miss him here as a Robot, but look forward to tracking his further journeys.

    • lis08k Do tej pory kopertówka kojarzyÅ‚a mi siÄ™ z wieczornymi wyjÅ›ciami. Jak siÄ™ jednak okazuje idealnie komponuje siÄ™ czarna kurtkÄ…, prosta spódnicÄ… i oficerkami. SUPER!

    • Mike Wise has never been a Fan of Washington Teams. He's against every move that would bring a star player here. He's for Bryce Harper talking crap to the Fans, he supported Gilbert Arenas, who hurt the team, and the City. He took a stand against the Redskins Name. The list goes on and on. He's not a Washington Fan now, or will ever.

    • I hope the Philippine elite don’t pass up this opportunity to build an economy we can all be proud of.I bet you they are still quarelling over who should get credit for the improving economic scene. As we speak the opposition is engaged in a concerted effort to trivialize the administration’s role in getting the economic momentum going.Why not admit whose polciies are working and get on with the business of doing the work that needs to be done for a sustainable Philippine development?

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